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Frost & Beck, P.C. is a Colorado law firm devoted solely to victims of nursing home abuse and neglect and their families.

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People place their loved ones into a nursing home facility in order to ensure trusted caregivers will always be available to watch over their elderly relative. This standard of care is held sacred—when breached, people experience betrayal and heartbreak, especially if this negligence causes harm to their loved one in elder care.

If you or someone close to you was injured as a result of being neglected by a nursing home employee, you have a right to pursue compensation to make up for damages suffered. Our Colorado nursing home neglect lawyers at Frost & Beck, P.C. are passionate about helping those who have been victims of elder abuse.

Can a Nursing Home Be Sued for Neglect?

If your loved one is housed in a nursing home, their lives and wellbeing are being entrusted to the caregivers of the home. If this trust is betrayed, you may need to pursue legal action. If your loved one is showing signs of mistreatment, neglect, or abuse, a lawsuit may be a necessary step to take in order to ensure that the wrongs are righted, as much as they can be.

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How To Identify Nursing Home Neglect

Neglect is categorized as a type of elder abuse. It can be just as harmful as other forms of abuse such as assault because neglecting to care for someone who has trouble fending for themselves can lead to:

  • Injury
  • Mental problems
  • And even death

When visiting your loved one in a nursing home, look out for signs that they may not be receiving proper care.

Signs of nursing home neglect can include:

  • Depression or social isolation
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Loss or lack of mobility
  • Poor hygiene
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Unsanitary living conditions

Nursing home neglect is not an issue that should be taken lightly. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) reported that nearly 1 out of 3 nursing homes in the United States were cited for violations of federal standards that could or had harmed a resident between 1999 and 2001.

In another 2,000-person study of nursing home residents, only 5% of respondents had never experienced nor witnessed neglect.

The Causes & Consequences of Nursing Home Neglect

Neglect in nursing homes can come in many forms. If you suspect negligence has occurred, talk to your loved one if you can. If they are unconscious, delirious, or seem to be hiding something out of fear and embarrassment, talk to a staff member or manager instead.

Sometimes nursing home facilities fail to maintain required health standards or properly train their staff, issues which you are entitled to know about if you are paying them to care for your elderly relative.

Nursing home neglect can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Understaffing
  • Staff is unqualified or inadequately trained
  • Failure to keep a facility free from hazards, such as broken infrastructure
  • Failure to uphold health and safety measures
  • Inadequate medical treatment

Nursing home neglect can result in many troubling conditions for a resident of elder care, such as:

We understand the pain you are going through. Founding attorney Christelle C. Beck decided to shift her focus from family law to fighting nursing home neglect after her own mother was tragically mistreated in an elder care facility.

Our attorneys are just as passionate as you are about finding justice for your loved one. Let us fight by your side to help you and your family win the compensation and justice you deserve.

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